About Us


Believe it or not, Melissa started out as a cat person. While she’s loved dogs her whole life, she never thought of owning one until her girlfriend (now wife of 22 years) Ellie mentioned they should get a chihuahua. When Melissa and Ellie got their first chihuahua it changed their lives. Sophia, the 6-pound chihuahua, became everything. As soon as Melissa and Ellie bought their house, they located local rescues to become a foster home. Their first foster was a long-haired senior dachshund named Buddy from the Manchester Animal Shelter. It's been a roller coaster journey being the crash pad for well over a couple thousand different dogs from Great Danes to Chihuahuas, but they said they'd do it all over again. The only thing that Melissa loves as much as her 4 dogs and her wife, is music. She will sneak away any chance she gets for live entertainment.


Kay is a retired nurse who has lived in NH for the last fifteen years. Kay has served on the board of Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue, and The Grapevine, a family support center. A life long animal lover, she has a pack of seven mixed breed dogs and has still been a very active foster for the last twelve years. With the help of her husband Tom, she is fulfilling a life long dream of helping to found and run a dog rescue.


Rebecca has cared for animals in one way or another nearly all her life. She has an instinctive way of connecting with dogs and understanding their needs. She has spent several years working at boarding facilities and pet sitting in between bartending gigs. The last few years she stumbled into working at a local rescue, and from there, found a true passion for rescue. Becky has two senior dachshunds, Lily and Presly, who are the loves of her life. When Becky isn't kicking back spending time with dogs, she is spending time with her family whom she also loves dearly.


Katie is an elementary teacher, wife, and owner of 6 beautiful mixed motley mutts. She prides herself on providing fulfilling, structured, and a compassionate environment for her dogs and fosters that come into her home. Katie's passion is the out of doors. She spends many hours a week hiking local trails with her dogs. The energy of the outdoors brings balance and calmness. She feels unbelievably blessed to be living and loving this beautiful life. She's been involved with rescues and volunteering for many years and is very excited about continuing to help dogs make their way to their forever homes with Motley Mutts Rescue.


No board would be complete without adding a Southern perspective and we sure felt like the lucky ones when Laura agreed to join us from afar. For the last eight years Laura has fostered hundreds of puppies and dogs that have made their way up North from her home state of Mississippi. Laura loves getting to experience different breeds (often times several different breeds all in one dog) and personalities. Although she becomes attached to her fosters she knows there's always another one that will need help. Taking in dogs that occasionally need medical TLC is right up her alley as Laura is a surgical nurse. Laura has a dog supportive husband and two children that live with their 8 personal dogs. Laura says being in rescue is hard, frustrating, and heartbreaking at times. The reward is updates on dogs that had no chance for a loving home in Mississippi. Her connection with Motley Mutts Rescue is the perfect way to contribute to connecting families with their new fur baby.


Donna has been providing a loving home to rescues for over 20 years. It only became natural for her to align her passion for rescuing with Motley Mutt Rescue. Her primary role is Treasurer but will assume additional tasks as needed like securing Grants for those rescues needing a little more tender care. Donna is also on the Board of Directors with Sunshine Golden Retriever Rescue where she is the Foster Coordinator and can be found assisting in special projects. Additionally, she is involved with MidSouth Animal Welfare Foundation overseeing medical records and preparing travel documents. Donna can be found in CT with her husband and two rescues, King who is 14.5 and Greta who is 11.5.


Brittany works full time with students with special needs. She and her husband adopted their dog Harvey from a rescue 4 years ago and they've been involved with rescues ever since. When Brittany's not whipping up something amazing in the kitchen, she can be found spending time with her family hiking with Harvey all over local trails. Their 10 year old daughter is an integral part of their rescue work and they're all excited to continue to help save dogs through Motley Mutts.